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Loyalty Program for Petroleum & Energy Players

The petroleum industry has had a focus on customer reward solutions, but most have not been successful due to their rigidity. Majority are brick and motor and lack the agility that is expected by the more exposed, on the move digital customer with higher expectations. A lot of focus has also been rewards on fuel only, which has seen customers missing out on other purchases within the station. Customers have also become time conscious and want to spend as little time at the station as possible. They also do not want to wait for a day or two for them to be rewarded. They want instant rewards which they can easily track or utilize at will.

Focus of the program

The agility of the M-zawadi loyalty program means that as a petroleum company, you appeal to all your customers by providing them with a solution that does not just reward them but creates experiences for them.

By use of NFC technology which is faster, more efficient and more agile, a station can reward their customers for any purchase within the station. The reward program focuses on the whole station ecosystem, with the ability of having different reward metrics at every customer touch point.

With presence in all leading fuel brands in Kenya, we have transformed how loyalty programs are viewed in the oil and energy space, and edging out the brick and mortar reward programs.

The robust nature of our solution in this space has seen it gain a lot of traction in the industry. Customers are rewarded with instant rewards and have the convenience of utilizing those rewards for what they feel is important to them. Ecosystems around the stations are blossoming due to the fact that most customers are free to for instance be rewarded at the pump and redeem their reward at the convenience store.

The success of the loyalty program is also pegged in rewarding the station staff, who in most cases are forgotten in the reward equation. Our solution allows you to create a different reward metric for the station staff, who can be rewarded either for achieving certain set milestones, for excelling in certain areas etc.

With a powerful data analysis tool, the loyalty program is able to generate crucial reports that show in real time which stations are doing well, in which regions, which products are doing well in certain stations, which staff are doing well and in which stations or regions etc. Through a partial BI, the system can generate strategic reports which can be used to make strategic decisions.