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Loyalty Programs for Manufacturers & FMGCs

For a long time, Manufacturers and FMCG companies have relied on rebates and discounts to reward their value chain, beat competition and retain their market share through issuing incentives like buy one get on free to their consumers. They have also been incurring huge costs on marketing and advertising in a bid to increase customer base.

Focus of the program

The Manufacturers loyalty program is structured in two ways:

  • Value chain loyalty programs that focus on rewarding the whole value chain, from the Distributors, Wholesalers to the last mile Retailers or Stockists.
  • Consumer loyalty programs that focus on different rewards for the consumers.

Besides rewarding Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers, a brand can use the incentive platform to push slow moving products, new products that a brand would want to introduce to the market etc. With reports on product performance that can be customized to show performance per SKU, per region, per territory etc., Manufacturers and FMCGs can track product performance and use the data to make strategic decisions.

The cost of acquisition is now more than 5X the cost of retention, especially in a depressed economic situation as is being faced currently. Through a customized referral program, Manufacturers and FMCGs can organically increase their customer base at reduced costs. Leveraging on referrals ensures you reduce your cost of marketing by more than 75% while at the same time increasing your customer base. Consumer incentives are a key tool in retention. However, many brands lack ideas on how to create incentives that speak to the consumer needs. Thus, many of them will copy what a different brand has done and run with it. It is important to realize that the consumer of today is well exposed and knows exactly what they need. Thus, if they can’t get it from a brand, they’ll quickly move to the competitor that offers what they’re looking for. Our Manufacturers and FMCGs loyalty program leverages on building relationships between the brand and its customers, by having customized reward criteria and a vast ecosystem of redemption outlets to create a more personalized experience.

With this loyalty program, Manufacturers and FMCGS no longer need to keep fighting in the Red Oceans but can create their own Blue Oceans.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement can be made more exciting with other platforms other than through just SMS engagement. M-zawadi loyalty program takes an omnichannel customer engagement approach that streamlines all the interactions across multiple touchpoints in a unified way, giving brands an opportunity to do targeted customer engagement.

Our platforms include

Gamified Trivia

Digital Raffles

Digital Spin the Wheel

With these engagement tools, brands can use them to collect customer data, craft different marketing communication to targeted audiences and enhance the customer engagement levels to achieve higher conversion rates. Furthermore, research has shown that consumers are likely to give better, more honest feedback when they’re engaged through such fun activities.