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Loyalty Program for Hospitality Service Providers

The petroleum industry has had a focus on customer reward solutions, but most have not been successful due to their rigidity. Majority are brick and motor and lack the agility that is expected by the more exposed, on the move digital customer with higher expectations. A lot of focus has also been rewards on fuel only, which has seen customers missing out on other purchases within the station. Customers have also become time conscious and want to spend as little time at the station as possible. They also do not want to wait for a day or two for them to be rewarded. They want instant rewards which they can easily track or utilize at will.

Focus of the program

Hotels, tours and travel operators, spas and other hospitality service providers can now reward their customers using our cardless customer loyalty solution. Though the nature of the industry especially the hotel industry is more disposed to loyalty cards due to brand identity and the prestige that comes with it, technology is slowly edging out loyalty cards. More and more customers are now more willing to use a cardless option as opposed to having a loyalty card.

M-zawadi loyalty program, being a cardless platform, saves you the cost of acquiring loyalty cards and the infrastructure that comes with it. Moreover, the cardless loyalty program offers more avenues of scalability and innovation as compared to the more rigid card based loyalty program.

This means as a hospitality player you can create different rewards which can be tiered e.g. into Silver, Bronze, Gold etc., and create different redemption experiences in the tiers. Our experience in the sector gives us an edge to help you craft an exceptional reward program for your customers.

Customer experience is key in this field and as such, our redemption ecosystem comes in handy to give your customers the personalized experiences they so much would like. Customer acquisition is also key in this industry and the referral program becomes an important customer acquisition tool.

With the M-zawadi loyalty program, you can give your customers much more than a great customer service.  You can give them a memorable experience.