We're the leading customized loyalty programs provider in Kenya and East Africa.

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Personalized loyalty programs and experiential incentives are the means to differentiation. Here at M-zawadi, we understand that all too well.

About M-zawadi Loyalty

We provide customized and strategic reward programs that are anchored on the Blue Ocean Strategy, for Manufacturers, FMCGs, Banks, Insurance Firms, Microfinance Institutions, Saccos, Hotels, Fuel Stations, Tour Firms and other Retail businesses, for them to incentivize their distributors, wholesalers, retailers, stockists, sales teams, agents, brokers, merchandisers and consumers with experiential rewards.


Maximize Value Chain Potential

Guided by the principles of high impact, low cost and rapid execution, M-zawadi loyalty program seeks to differentiate local and multinational companies East Africa, with an aim of helping them maximize on incentives to maximize value chain potential, encourage brand loyalty and increase brand recall.

With this incentive tool, companies have the opportunity to gather comprehensive data by tracking and monitoring product movement, to get a clear view of their brand or product performance across different market segments, tap into new markets, create exciting incentives and automate business processes to minimize operational costs.

Our history & future


M-zawadi was born in Kenya, out of an opportunity that was initially identified in the SME space. There was the perception that loyalty programs were only designed for the big retail stores and that SMEs (i.e. Grocery Stores, Taxi Drivers, Salons & Barber Shops etc.), did not have the capability or capacity to reward their customers. An idea to provide them with a simple mobile based reward system was conceived and launched in 2016. However, we innovated and enhanced our solution to cater for the corporate space less than a year later, through an Enterprise solution. This solution allows corporates to streamline their value chain operations and have more visibility of what happens on both their Modern Trade and General Trade channels. Since then, numerous blue-chip companies in Kenya and multinationals in the Manufacturing and FMCG sector, Banks, Saccos and Microfinance Institutions, Insurances, Hospitality, Energy & Petroleum and Retail, have been using our platform to transform themselves and how they do business.


Through continuous innovation, M-zawadi Loyalty Group aims to be the house-hold name in the next 5years, for all business solutions. We aspire to continue providing innovative solutions for the Corporates and SMEs in East Africa, that will see them further reduce their cost of doing business, maximize, harness and exceed their potential. We strongly believe that African businesses, need access to customized, diversified and integrable African solutions that give them a competitive edge for sustainable growth. This is why we offer customized solutions and an unrivalled ecosystem of partners to create better customer experiences.


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Our Mission

To continuously provide innovative solutions through customized incentives and vast redemption ecosystems within the value chain.

Our mission

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